Happy Hudson!

TTestimonialhank you note from Hudson in Brooklyn, NY! He has been healing from an elbow surgery for 8 months. It’s been a long road, but the wound is really small now. I found out about PawFlex just in time for our upcoming beach vacation. I think it will work great for him while we are outside! We will continue to do a big, padded bandage when indoors to cushion the elbow when he lies down, but I’m so excited to have found a lightweight unobtrusive bandage for wearing outside. He’s like a new dog with the freedom the PawFlex gives him while still covering the wound.

~ Rachel

So Many Uses for PawFlex…Wound, Sprains, Under Brace Wrap and More

PawFlex Works for Cats!

  I have a cat that was born with her paw turned inward, so there was always a lot of pressure on the joint of her foot….she has had two foot surgeries due to cancer in her paw, and because of the position of the wound, she continually opens up the area, so I keep…

First aid with no “ouch”

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PawFlex… Designed just for Dogs???

PawFlex… Designed just for Dogs??? That’s not what Monty the Cat says. Meet Monty. He’s a handsome guy who has open sores on his paw due to cancer. His mom wants to make him as comfortable as possible and Monty is being a really good patient and he is not trying to take his Medimitt…

Romo Finds Comfort

This is Romo, he has a torn ACL ligament in his left knee. He is not a candidate for surgery because he also has early dilated cardiomyopathy. Romo has to wear his brace everyday all day long and he was getting pressure sores on his hock from the rods that are in the brace. I…

IMPORTANT: Interzoo 2014 Booth Correction

ATTENTION! The Interzoo stand number for PawFlex at Interzoo 2014 is E4A104; located at the entrance of hall 4A. This is a correction from a previous announcement as to the location of our booth. The Interzoo 2014 exhibition will take place from May 29 through June 1 at Nuremberg, Germany. More information can be found…

“Most Hassle Free Bandage System”

Canine Care (www.caninecare.com) recommends PawFlex™ – How about you? http://www.treshanley.com/NewCC/page40/styled/index.html

PawFlex™ Recognizes Top Quality

Professor’s House (www.professorshouse.com) refers to PawFlex™ as “a new breed of corporation committed to producing top-quality products.” Read the full article here: http://www.professorshouse.com/Pet-Products/Companies/PawFlex/