Thank You from Spookie

Dear Jennifer:

Our big girl Spookie is a jet black rescue (photo attached) about the size of a small panther, and with a tongue like sandpaper.  So when she got a hot spot in the middle of her tail, she had no problem reaching it and licking off any medication we would put on it to help heal it.  As the weeks progressed that hot spot got worse, so out of desperation I shaved the area around the wound, slathered on some medication, then put the dreaded cone head on her to prevent her from licking it.  Even that didn’t work.

Then my wife brought home a package of PawFlex™ bandages which I actually didn’t think would work because I thought Spookie could lick or chew through anything.  So with all the skepticism in the world I thoroughly cleaned the wound again, applied more medication and a PawFlex™ bandage.  And to my surprise, Spookie was immediately at ease having her painful sore properly cleaned and dressed, and the bandage was so light it didn’t seem to bother her in the least.  After a few tries she gave up on trying to lick the bandage off because it was so securely fastened.  The wound healed nicely in a week or so and her fur finally grew back on her tail.  Thanks PawFlex™, you’re the best!

LaRue and Ziva Palmer
Los Angeles, CA