Thanks From Zeke

Hi Jennifer….received your product in the mail and Zeke is wearing the medium size bandage.

I love the bandage!

The PawFlex™ bandages are the best I have even seen and should be marketed for people. I love that they are breathable and allow for air circulation which probably increases healing about 80 percent.

I brought a sample bandage and tube covering to Zeke’s groomer and she said that she will buy your product as soon as it becomes available.

What I care most about is the kindness of your heart and your genuine love and concern for animals. If you would like a photo of Zeke wearing a PawFlex™ bandage I would love to send one along to you.

Warmest of regards to you,

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PawFlex™ To The Rescue!

A German Shepherd’s nail was torn off at her nail bed and PawFlex™ came  to the rescue giving some of their MediMitt bandages on the scene at the 2012 Global Pet Expo!