PawFlex™ Bandages Are The Answer


My Westie, from time to time, gets sores due to allergies on her paws which she licks and PawFlex™ bandages are the answer to the problem.

Sugar and/or other medication can be easily applied to the built in medication pad and the bandage slipped easily on the affected foot, secured by the closure tab which wraps around the bandage and, voila, the perfect solution to keeping the medication on the paw plus the bandage not falling off as bandages put on by veterinarians do.

The bandages also prevent the dog’s hair from needing to be cut from the paw as is the case when tape gets stuck in the dog’s hair.

PawFlex™ bandages are the absolute BEST remedy/answer to medicating a sore paw and feeling confident that the medication will be doing its job because the bandage is remaining in place – ON THE DOG’S PAW!

There’s also a moisture proof cover to place over the medicated bandage and that too remains securely in place.

Louise B


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