Our First Official Facebook Giveaway is Here!

PawFlex is very excited for all the amazing things we have planned for the coming year. We have many new products we’re going to introduce that are currently in the works and we have a handful of special promotions that were going to be rolling out too!
Our first official giveaway is here, and we’d like to explain some of the products that are going to be included for our first official giveaway. We plan on having more and more giveaways to all our fans in the next few months and we can’t wait to hear your stories about your pets! Here are the details for our first official contest.

NOTE: The bandage size the winner receives will be based on their requested size.
To be entered you must be a fan of the official PawFlex Facebook Page and satisfy the announced entry criteria. You can find the page here: www.facebook.com/pawflex

This contest starts on February 1, 2019, and ends on Sunday February 10th. The winner will be picked and announced on Monday February 11th.



First Response Bandage Care Kit Pets (designed for legs and paws)
PawFlex’s First Response Bandage Care Kit: Helping your pet heal!
Whether you have an immediate wound care need, addressing a chronic ailment, or your pet requires bandaging as part of his/her post-surgical care…PawFlex First Response Bandage Care Kits will help your dog’s recovery to be as pain-free and stress-free as possible.
PawFlex bandages are designed for pets. They are non-adhesive, super soft and comfortable. They are so gentle that they are being raved about being the # 1 bandages used for dogs undergoing radiation treatments on legs and paws.
PawFlex bandages will not stick to open wounds or fur. They are easy to put on and take off and are also adjustable thanks to the gentle Velcro tab fasteners. The entire 2-part kit comes with 4 Basic Bandages, 4 Universal Joint Bandages and 3 Protective Cover strips, 4 Medimitt Paw bandages, and 4 waterproof outdoor Medimitt covers…. covering all your leg and paw bandaging needs.

One Tug Attack Toy
One of the best ways to keep your dog healthy is to always keep them engaged and active. PawFlex Tug Attack Toys were created with this in mind. These fun and interactive tug toys offer you and your dog exciting play time together. Tugging is a fun competitive way to keep you and your dog socially active. The two of you will be constantly fighting over who gets to be the ultimate tugging champion! An important factor with the Tug Attack Toy is the fiber makeup of the rope used. The fleece material used in the rope is safe enough if by chance your dog rips the rope and swallows some or all of it. When comparing it to other toys, its one of the safest chew toys on the market today.

One FunStufferz Toy
PawFlex FunStufferz line of toys are all about drive and instinct. These toys are designed to let your dog’s instinctual drive for prey kick in, in a safe and fun manner. Funstufferz are designed to have the stuffing be ripped out of them and easily be put back into the toy. When a dog has the intention of destroying something they’re not going to stop. With a double reinforced stretch opening for your dog to dig in and pull out the fleece sheets inside they’ll have endless fun ripping out the inners. You can even switch out the sheets for your dog’s favorite little toys or even throw in some small treats. The fun with Funstufferz is endless!

Wickedly Potent! – Nose and Paw Salve
The perfect mixture of natural and healing herbs that help moisturize and prevent drying and cracking of your dog’s nose and paws. With healing properties such as anti-fungal ingredients, your dog will look and feel better after using the Nose and Paw Salve.

Wickedly Potent! – Hot Spot and Fungal Salve
Hot Spots, Allergies, Bacterial, and Fungus skin Infections are extremely painful and irritating to dogs. The constant licking and biting always worsen the condition. Our Wickedly Potent Hot Spot and Fungal Salve brings the relief your dog needs to all the areas they are constantly scratching at. The Hot Spot and Fungal Salve also pairs great with all Pawflex Bandages.

Wickedly Potent! – Vegan Tropical Toothpaste
Our Vegan toothpaste is the most natural way to clean your dogs’ teeth and maintain overall oral health. Your dog will enjoy the taste and you will enjoy their fresh breath. Wickedly Potent Vegan toothpaste is safe to ingest and are a great way to get puppies used to getting their teeth brushed. No toothpaste is a substitute for yearly veterinary dental checkups, nor will they reverse periodontal disease. Wickedly Potent vegan toothpaste will remove mild plaque and prevent new plaque from growing.

Wickedly Potent! – Itchy Mutt Shampoo
The All-Natural Itchy Mutt Shampoo for dogs is our go-to shampoo for all types of dogs big and small who get the itchies and scratchies. It’s great for dogs with sensitive skin and the ingredients used are simple and safe.

Wickedly Potent! – The Everything Shampoo
The Everything Shampoo has all-natural ingredients and is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin. With ingredients such as Shea Butter and Coconut Oil along with other healing herbs, they combine to work in synergy to help alleviate many minor skin conditions while leaving your dog’s skin super smooth and protected against skin irritation.

Wickedly Potent! – Mouth and Teeth Spray
Plaque and tartar buildup cause sore and inflamed gums. The all-natural ingredients inside our Mouth and Teeth Spray are known to kill the bacteria that cause plaque buildup. Spray some Wickedly Potent! Mouth and Teeth Spray onto the Tug Attack Toy and let them tug away to healthy teeth and gums while having fun!