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PawFlex Works for Cats!

  I have a cat that was born with her paw turned inward, so there was always a lot of pressure on the joint of her foot….she has had two foot surgeries due to cancer in her paw, and because of the position of the wound, she continually opens up the area, so I keep […]

PawFlex… Designed just for Dogs???

PawFlex… Designed just for Dogs??? That’s not what Monty the Cat says. Meet Monty. He’s a handsome guy who has open sores on his paw due to cancer. His mom wants to make him as comfortable as possible and Monty is being a really good patient and he is not trying to take his Medimitt […]

PawFlex™ Quoted in Pet Age Magazine

The December Issue of Pet Age Magazine quotes PawFlex™ CEO Jennifer DiGrazia in a health article about pets: “When there is a need for them, time is of the essence, and knowing that the customer can just run over to their local pet store in their time of need is priceless. Read Following the Human […]