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PawFlex™ at The Global Pet Expo 2012

PawFlex™ will be exhibiting at The Global Pet Expo 2012.  Check us out at the new product showcase where we will be launching our new waterproof bandage line for Dogs and the elements. We will be at  Booth 3721 near the natural pet section. Please come visit us. We are ready to take orders!

Thank You from Spookie

Dear Jennifer: Our big girl Spookie is a jet black rescue (photo attached) about the size of a small panther, and with a tongue like sandpaper.  So when she got a hot spot in the middle of her tail, she had no problem reaching it and licking off any medication we would put on it […]

Harry from Australia

Hi Jennifer Its been a week now and our Harry’s sore on his leg is half flattened. Hopefully in a week or two it will be completely gone. We have noticed black stuff coming out onto the cotton wool. Haven’t noticed a stinger but probably was hidden amongst all the black stuff. Thanks ever so much. So easy to use […]

Norton Thanks PawFlex

Dear Jennifer, Thank you so very much for the bandages, especially the waterproof ones. It truly is ingenious. Norton had injured his toenail & had to have it removed. I was using a baby sock & baggie previously when I walked him. That unfortunately really didn’t work well. I had asked the vet if there […]

A thank you from Beatrice (and Charlene)!

Your PawFlex Bandages made life so much better for all of us just like your video says……you can’t even imagine how great they are until your pet really needs them. Dear Jennifer, I am so glad you created PawFlex Bandages. Beatrice, our cat has suffered for almost one year with a raw wound on her […]

Xena loves PawFlex!

Dear Jennifer, The pawflex bandages arrived today and Xena is so much happier. She does not seem to mind the medimitt so much so we can put the “cone of shame” aside. I think this will help her healing. I attached a pic of her paw and a pic of her today. Don’t look at […]