Kiiya ; A tiny little girl with an indomitable spirit

“I can highly recommend the PawFlex line of products. Our 3lb Yorkie had an old wound in her back hock that wouldn’t heal completely. We needed something that could be fitted to our dog’s tiny leg to protect the affected area, but also something that was easily removeable so it didn’t pull on her skin or fur. Our vet recommended PawFlex! We got in touch and Jennifer responded to our request right away. She put together a package of various types and sizes of bandages for us to try since the nature of the wound and size of our dog would determine what worked best. The shipping company ended up losing the package overseas, so Jennifer promptly put together and shipped another package to us – to ensure we received it as soon as possible. The PawFlex website tag says, “Products With A Purpose”. We couldn’t agree more – the PawFlex bandaging products are perfect for our dog’s needs, and Jennifer is just awesome to deal with!”
– The Coles, Ontario, Canada

Oracle the kitty “The obsessive tummy licker”

Oracle was hyper-grooming due to stress and created raw spots on her underbelly. These were hard to cover areas. Even with all the clothing choices available for pets, nothing would have completely covered/ prevented her from getting to them. Then I found the Pawflex medical onesie! While wearing her onesie, Oracle could not lick the spots, in turn allowing them to heal. This is by far a superior, comfortable, and sensible alternative to the e-collar. I highly recommend this for any pet parent needing an alternative to the e-collar! Thank you Pawflex!

All Natural Pet Healing Balm for Dogs and Cats

Herbs, Roots and essential oils OH MY!!

On the topic of topical first aid, can natural remedies actually heal? Can they cure?

Unfortunately, the FDA does not permit medicinal claims on natural remedy product labeling, but that doesn’t mean natural remedies can’t cure even the most serious of conditions.  Natural remedy manufacturers are just not allowed to claim any medicinal effects on the label because of lack of regulations on the quality and strength of natural ingredients used in OTC health and wellness products, especially first aid or other ailments such as joint pain or fungal issues.

So how do you know what natural products will have positive medicinal effects and which will not?

This is an age old problem since most companies are not listing the strength and quality of the herbs and essential oils in their topical product, and there is very little, to no policing of the ones who do.

Natural products certified as organic is always a good thing but don’t discount topical products that are not certified as organic. Handpicked and Wild crafted are often organic without the expense and cartwheels of paying for the certification.


The odds are that small manufacturers, who specialize in a few products in the health and wellness category, are more apt to have the real deal, though most would have assumed it was the other way around. This is not to say that big companies cannot have   a good natural product but there are things stacking against it being so.

Big companies mass produce at big contract manufacturing plants who are all slapping different brand labels on basically the same product. Big contract manufacturers often use lots of synthetics chemicals and emulsifier to create pretty colors and smells with flawless consistency and long expiration dates. Unfortunately, “pretty “does not necessarily mean “quality”.

Think grocery store boxed cookies vs freshly baked cookies from a bakery. It’s the same with natural remedies.

Knowing your ingredients and their medicinal properties are important. Seeing these ingredients in a product means very little if they are not high quality or in medicinal strengths. You also want to make sure you don’t see a bunch of chemicals, additives (such as color), emulsifying agents and a long list of ingredients. A good handful of natural ingredients is all you need for a good remedy that is directed to treat a specific issue. Which brings me to the word “treat”, this is a big bad word to the FDA and also not allowed on natural product labeling.

So back to the original question; how can you find the “good stuff” and treat your pets’ ailments naturally if the manufacturer can’t make any medical claims on their product labeling?

The answer is, being a savvy pet parent and consumer. Many manufacturer websites, such as carefully explains their ingredients and manufacturing process. You, as the pet parent can further research the ingredients to determine if this is a company, and product line that you feel good about.

Companies that love animals, and believe that our pets are our children, and live that belief and value system are always a good place to start.

PawFlex Bandages helping dogs in the UK


Hi There,

My dog recently had an injury to her paw and after a week of pulling my
hair out I found your paw bandage product and the world was good again!

– Nikki

(Puppy is wearing the MediMitt Bandage)

Wickedly Potent™ Natural pet Shampoo for Holistic Herbal Healing and Pet Care, and for a Fresh Wash and Smell for your Dog or Cat.




I buy  the Medimitts for my cat, Isabella. She has plasma cell pododermatitis. Poor baby has been dealing with this for almost a year. Nothing seems to be helping either. She’s now on 2 medications, after having biopsies performed on two paws. We’ve used the larger sizes but my cat flicks her paw a lot and the bandages fly off. When I saw you sold the xxs size I thought I’d give them a shot. So far, so good. She still flicks her paw a lot but the smaller, tighter size of the mitt (and the no chew bandage wrap we got from the vet) seems to be working. I’ve added a few pics for you to check out.   Hopefully you can and hopefully my kitty’s paw will heal! Thanks for having this size. It’s been very helpful in keeping litter from becoming embedded in her paw pad!


Included in K9sOverCoffee First Aid Pack Post!

PawFlex dog bandages are non-adhesive bandages with fabric-locking technology, so there’s no sticky fur, no fuss with our pet first aid bandages. PawFlex dog bandages are designed to fit be it around a leg joint or between two joints, our bandages stay on and last. PawFlex adhesive-free pet bandages are weather and water proof.

Safety First, Sales Next

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