Kiiya ; A tiny little girl with an indomitable spirit

“I can highly recommend the PawFlex line of products. Our 3lb Yorkie had an old wound in her back hock that wouldn’t heal completely. We needed something that could be fitted to our dog’s tiny leg to protect the affected area, but also something that was easily removeable so it didn’t pull on her skin or fur. Our vet recommended PawFlex! We got in touch and Jennifer responded to our request right away. She put together a package of various types and sizes of bandages for us to try since the nature of the wound and size of our dog would determine what worked best. The shipping company ended up losing the package overseas, so Jennifer promptly put together and shipped another package to us – to ensure we received it as soon as possible. The PawFlex website tag says, “Products With A Purpose”. We couldn’t agree more – the PawFlex bandaging products are perfect for our dog’s needs, and Jennifer is just awesome to deal with!”
– The Coles, Ontario, Canada

Oracle the kitty “The obsessive tummy licker”

Oracle was hyper-grooming due to stress and created raw spots on her underbelly. These were hard to cover areas. Even with all the clothing choices available for pets, nothing would have completely covered/ prevented her from getting to them. Then I found the Pawflex medical onesie! While wearing her onesie, Oracle could not lick the spots, in turn allowing them to heal. This is by far a superior, comfortable, and sensible alternative to the e-collar. I highly recommend this for any pet parent needing an alternative to the e-collar! Thank you Pawflex!

PawFlex Bandages helping dogs in the UK


Hi There,

My dog recently had an injury to her paw and after a week of pulling my
hair out I found your paw bandage product and the world was good again!

– Nikki

(Puppy is wearing the MediMitt Bandage)



I buy  the Medimitts for my cat, Isabella. She has plasma cell pododermatitis. Poor baby has been dealing with this for almost a year. Nothing seems to be helping either. She’s now on 2 medications, after having biopsies performed on two paws. We’ve used the larger sizes but my cat flicks her paw a lot and the bandages fly off. When I saw you sold the xxs size I thought I’d give them a shot. So far, so good. She still flicks her paw a lot but the smaller, tighter size of the mitt (and the no chew bandage wrap we got from the vet) seems to be working. I’ve added a few pics for you to check out.   Hopefully you can and hopefully my kitty’s paw will heal! Thanks for having this size. It’s been very helpful in keeping litter from becoming embedded in her paw pad!


soft brace bandage

Romo Finds Comfort

RomoThis is Romo, he has a torn ACL ligament in his left knee. He is not a candidate for surgery because he also has early dilated cardiomyopathy. Romo has to wear his brace everyday all day long and he was getting pressure sores on his hock from the rods that are in the brace. I searched for something to cover the area, heal and help prevent future sores when I found Pawflex bandages. Pawflex are the ONLY ones I have found that are designed and made for pets. Not only did they help heal the sores he had but they protect him from developing anymore of them. Jennifer the CEO has been so kind and helpful. She genuinely cares about helping you and your pets and has gone above and beyond what no other company would do. I highly recommend these bandages because they WORK and you are dealing with a great person!

Thank you so much and here is a picture of Romo wearing his brace.


Happy Hudson!

Thank you note from Hudson in Brooklyn, NY! He has been healing from an elbow surgery for 8 months. It’s been a long road, but the wound is really small now. I found out about PawFlex just in time for our upcoming beach vacation. I think it will work great for him while we are outside! We will continue to do a big, padded bandage when indoors to cushion the elbow when he lies down, but I’m so excited to have found a lightweight unobtrusive bandage for wearing outside. He’s like a new dog with the freedom the PawFlex gives him while still covering the wound.

~ Rachel

PawFlex Works for Cats!


I have a cat that was born with her paw turned inward, so there was always a lot of pressure on the joint of her foot….she has had two foot surgeries due to cancer in her paw, and because of the position of the wound, she continually opens up the area, so I keep it bandaged with PawFlex and an adhesive bandage…I find your product terrific because it doesn’t slip the way a square non stick pad does, and I am able to put medication on it.

Pat Heltke

PawFlex… Designed just for Dogs???

PawFlex… Designed just for Dogs???

That’s not what Monty the Cat says.

Meet Monty. He’s a handsome guy who has open sores on his paw due to cancer.

His mom wants to make him as comfortable as possible and Monty is being a really good patient and he is not trying to take his Medimitt off.

Wendy Impressed With MediMitt™ Bandage

I can’t thank you enough for your prompt processing. I’m changing his mitt frequently, trying to stem the infection that is raging on his paw. Thank heavens for your product – so convenient. We’re awaiting results of biopsy and tissue culture (tomorrow I hope) and keeping fingers crossed that this is a treatable infection and not a cancerous tumor. I may become your retirement fund if this is slow to respond.

Vets I’ve seen are super impressed with the mitt! Stay tuned for next order.