It’s a simple fact that most pets hate wearing e-collars, and it comes as no surprise. With these lampshades around their necks they’re constantly running into walls, furniture and even their owners. It can also be difficult and dangerous for pets to get up and down stairs while wearing them. Some pets even get so depressed they stop eating!
Finally there’s a real solution that will keep your pet from licking and chewing at surgical sutures and hot spots without all the negative side-effects of wearing an e-collar!

Short Sleeve

Long Sleeve

The new Cover Me by Tui is a patented (8,985,062), breathable, washable pet garment available in seven sizes –with adjustable straps for an even better fit – so it comfortably fits every pet from Chihuahua to Great Dane. See the easy-to-use sizing chart to determine what size your pet needs. You can also check out the photo gallery down below for snapshots of pets of all sizes wearing their favorite new Cover Me by Tui! BROUGHT To you by PAWFLEX Inc!

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents licking & chewing at surgical sutures, hot spots, allergies, females in heat, older dogs that dribble
  • Doublestitched and reinforced
  • Adjustable fit design in the chest and or tummy area
  • Soft, breathable but durable Peruvian cotton material
  • Built-in “Potty Cover” for quick & convenient trips outside
  • Available in two styles: Step-Into & Pullover
  • Seven sizes to choose from in short or long sleeves
  • As an extra bonus the Cover Me by Tui also brings along a calming effect to most any pup.

How It Works

The Comfortable, Convenient Solution to the e-Collar!
The Cover Me by Tui goes on and off your pet quickly and easily, and even has a built-in potty cover so there’s no need to remove it when your pet needs to relieve itself! The Cover Me by Tui is available in two styles: Step-Into and Pullover. See our step-by-step, illustrated How it Works instructions to decide which style is right for you and your pet!

Adjustable Fit Step-Into Cover Me by Tui

Easy Potty Break Flap

Sizing Chart – Dog

Please, contact us if you have any further questions about sizing your pet.

Office: 718.648.8685 | Email:
*Please Note if Your Pup is long hair and in Full Coat You May Want to Order 1 Size Up*

        1. Measure length of your pet’s back from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. (A)
        1. Measure neck circumference. (B)
        1. Measure the broadest part of the chest. If the measurement is between sizes or if your pet has a stouter build, select a garment one size larger for a proper fit. (C)


Thank you so very much for going above and beyond helping me fit Lola. I am so thankful she doesn’t have to wear the “Cone of Shame!” I recommend this to any pet owner who loves their pets and wants the best for them after surgery or any other reason to prevent them from touching an area that they can’t for awhile. These also makes great PJ’s for them.

Patty S.

My dog had surgery on her belly and a cone or e-collar was recommended. Unfortunately, my dog tried to attack her stitches, so she needed something. I tried the e-collar and she tolerated it until bedtime. She couldn’t get comfortable and was miserable. I searched online for what to do and found Tulane’s Closet. I found a vet in my area carrying it and my dog is so much happier. She was able to sleep through the night and is so comfortable! I’m one happy dog momma and so thankful!

Jenny N.

Really wonderful dog onesie. It was a big hit up here in North Vancouver,BC. It shipped really quickly and arrived the day of spay surgery. It’s very soft I have washed it twice and every stain vanished. The patient is much more comfortable and not a hassle for the rest of us. Thanks!

Sara K.Canada