“As founder of Pet First Aid 4U®, I travel all over the country to teach our hands-on, veterinarian-endorsed pet first aid/CPR classes that feature a cat-dog team. Pets recovering from surgeries and injuries need and deserve bandages designed for them. I highly recommend the line of PawFlex Bandages because they are quick to apply, non-adhesive, fit pets small and large, provide for normal joint movement and are water-resistant. Pet Safety Dog Chipper required surgery to remove a growth on her elbow, so I relied on the PawFlex Joint/Universal Bandage to provide the protection needed to ensure Chipper’s wound mended quickly. Be your pet’s best health ally – enroll in a pet first aid class and stock your pet first aid kit with PawFlex bandages today!” 

– Arden MooreFounder of Pet First Aid 4U

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Wickedly Potent™ Natural pet Shampoo for Holistic Herbal Healing and Pet Care, and for a Fresh Wash and Smell for your Dog or Cat.


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PawFlex dog bandages are non-adhesive bandages with fabric-locking technology, so there’s no sticky fur, no fuss with our pet first aid bandages. PawFlex dog bandages are designed to fit be it around a leg joint or between two joints, our bandages stay on and last. PawFlex adhesive-free pet bandages are weather and water proof.

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