“As founder of Pet First Aid 4U®, I travel all over the country to teach our hands-on, veterinarian-endorsed pet first aid/CPR classes that feature a cat-dog team. Pets recovering from surgeries and injuries need and deserve bandages designed for them. I highly recommend the line of PawFlex Bandages because they are quick to apply, non-adhesive, fit pets small and large, provide for normal joint movement and are water-resistant. Pet Safety Dog Chipper required surgery to remove a growth on her elbow, so I relied on the PawFlex Joint/Universal Bandage to provide the protection needed to ensure Chipper’s wound mended quickly. Be your pet’s best health ally – enroll in a pet first aid class and stock your pet first aid kit with PawFlex bandages today!” 

– Arden MooreFounder of Pet First Aid 4U

Even Big Guys Need the Gentle Touch of PawFlex™

Hi Jennifer. Thank you for the samples that you sent for my…

Thank You From Abby

I have the best news! Abbys wound is HEALED!  I know I am still…

PawFlex™ Bandages Are The Answer

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Harry from Australia

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A thank you from Beatrice (and Charlene)!

Your PawFlex Bandages made life so much better for all of us…

Xena loves PawFlex!

Dear Jennifer, The pawflex bandages arrived today and Xena…


PawFlex dog bandages are non-adhesive bandages with fabric-locking technology, so there’s no sticky fur, no fuss with our pet first aid bandages. PawFlex dog bandages are designed to fit be it around a leg joint or between two joints, our bandages stay on and last. PawFlex adhesive-free pet bandages are weather and water proof.

Safety First, Sales Next

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