All Natural Pet Healing Balm for Dogs and Cats

Herbs, Roots and essential oils OH MY!!

On the topic of topical first aid, can natural remedies actually heal? Can they cure? Unfortunately, the FDA does not permit medicinal claims on natural remedy product labeling, but that doesn’t mean natural remedies can’t cure even the most serious of conditions.  Natural remedy manufacturers are just not allowed to claim any medicinal effects on […]

Wickedly Potent™ Natural pet Shampoo for Holistic Herbal Healing and Pet Care, and for a Fresh Wash and Smell for your Dog or Cat.


Included in K9sOverCoffee First Aid Pack Post!

PawFlex dog bandages are non-adhesive bandages with fabric-locking technology, so there’s no sticky fur, no fuss with our pet first aid bandages. PawFlex dog bandages are designed to fit be it around a leg joint or between two joints, our bandages stay on and last. PawFlex adhesive-free pet bandages are weather and water proof.

Safety First, Sales Next

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