How to Make Bone Broth for Your Dog (Plus a Bonus Bone Broth Gummies Recipe)

Make sure your fur child is getting the best nutrition possible! The best medicine is preventative medicine, and proper nutrition plays a huge role in that. One of our favorite power foods for dog health and wellness is Bone Broth! There are many reasons that experts say Bone Broth Gelatin is beneficial for dogs – particularly aging or sick […]

Our First Official Facebook Giveaway is Here!

PawFlex is very excited for all the amazing things we have planned for the coming year. We have many new products we’re going to introduce that are currently in the works and we have a handful of special promotions that were going to be rolling out too! Our first official giveaway is here, and we’d […]

All Natural Pet Healing Balm for Dogs and Cats

Herbs, Roots and essential oils OH MY!!

On the topic of topical first aid, can natural remedies actually heal? Can they cure? Unfortunately, the FDA does not permit medicinal claims on natural remedy product labeling, but that doesn’t mean natural remedies can’t cure even the most serious of conditions.  Natural remedy manufacturers are just not allowed to claim any medicinal effects on […]

Wickedly Potent™ Natural pet Shampoo for Holistic Herbal Healing and Pet Care, and for a Fresh Wash and Smell for your Dog or Cat.


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