Mariah the Greyhound; Another Precious, Gentle Soul Rescued

Below is not a typical testimonial but the  personal story of Mariah and the links to help other greyhounds like her.
Please read Mariah’s story and how PawFlex™ bandages are helping Mariah  heal.

Dear Jennifer,

Mariah was returned to greyhound rescue in 2011 at age 10.  The warts/corns on her feet had been neglected and it was painful for her to walk.  Fast Friends greyhound rescue had the corns/warts surgically removed in June 2011.  We saw her profile on the Fast Friends website in June 2011 and realized that she had lived with our other greyhound, Isabelle, for seven years but they were separated when they went into foster care.  Isabelle age 9 came to our forever home in May 2011  We drove to California over the 4th of July weekend 2011 and picked Mariah up.  Unfortunately almost all of the corns/warts grew back.  Her feet were so tender from the surgery that we had to pick her up and take her outside to go potty.  We have been treating her feet with six corns for a year now and we were looking for something gentle to wrap her feet in at night after her last ointment treatment.  We found PawFlex™.  The PawFlex™ Medimitts are perfect for her feet at night.  We also use PawFlex™ for our other greyhound that loses her toenails.  We medicate where the nail came off and wrap with PawFlex™.  PawFlex™ is a miracle as it is a very soft gentle product and it stays on and is easy to remove.  I would highly recommend that everyone have the PawFlex™ product in their home.  

Please consider adopting a senior greyhound.  They are gentle loving souls that deserve their own people and their own sofa.  We are saving one greyhound at a time and it does make a difference.

Sharon Haugen
Vice President, Nevada Greyhounds Unlimited
Greyhound Prayer: Please let me be adopted before I die so I have a name

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  1. Linda Begega
    Linda Begega says:

    Good for you for adopting an older greyhound and for going to get her so she could be united with her companion. I have two greyhounds and one of them just had a corn removed from her foot today. I was looking for the bandages when I found your story.

  2. sharon w
    sharon w says:

    we have two rescued greys at this time, Jenna has has nails removed,,partial pas and toe removed. what size did you get? greyhounds have very different paws than other breeds.

  3. Pam
    Pam says:

    Aren’t greyts wonderful. I have two from FL track.Had 2 before from CN. My boy has SLO and now has a staph infection on all his feet. Am going to order the medipaws. I have been bandaging and it takes forever. These look like they will be easy to us.

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